Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Studio Break

On a studio break for the summer, which will probably do me some good. I'm sub-letting to a Swiss artist, Sonya Feldmeier, who is only in London for a few months, so it works out well for both of us.

On Bank Holiday Monday, Sonja came over to the studio to help me clear everything up. With all my paintings in storage and my materials boxed up, we looked at the space with new eyes - hey, what a nice studio I've got here! I'm currently working on a project at home and will be spending as much time as I can down by the river. There's no better place to be in London on a sunny day.

On Saturday I caught up with the Jerwood Prize for painters, a few days before it closed. It goes on tour nationally after the show in London. Of the 24 painters in the exhibition, who all left art college within the last ten years, I liked David Small's painting best, as well as a Hanneline Visnes piece called 'Stain'.

The artworld is missing the luminous presence of Louise Bourgeois. She sadly passed away on May 31st in NYC. A feisty woman, who was still working well into her nineties, she died at the age of 98. May she be an inspiration to us all.

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Anonymous said...

I do hope that the break will give you plenty of inspiration and you come back buzzing with ideas which you will express on canvas in your usual brilliant way. You are so lucky having the river on your doorstep. Water always inpsires and chills me. Shame I cant paint! Enjoy the summer.