Sunday, 10 October 2010

Beating the Odds

This weekend, I went to a professional development session with Matt Roberts at his gallery in Vyner Street. Most artists at the early or mid-career stage of their career are looking at ways of moving on to the next level, but it's always useful to have some input whatever stage you're at.

Matt started by asking what my goals were. Easy enough to answer. He looked at some of my paintings and my cv. Apparently, I'm not exhibiting enough to gain exposure for my work. Artists who are successful in promoting their careers often show their work perhaps 8-10 times a year. Me, I am usually happy with one show minimum, and three shows per year would count as a good year. I shall try to aim higher in the future.

I heard that only about 500 artists in London are making a living by their work alone, although there are thousands of artists here, and more art schools and galleries than in any other capital city. With odds like that, it's no wonder that so many artists struggle to survive.

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