Sunday, 24 February 2013


And here's a peek at at a little section of my manuscript (a souvenir!). Yes, I started writing my autobiography by hand. But when I got nearly halfway through, and had to spend time transcribing it for the computer anyway, I decided to stop writing on paper and just typed it instead. I think that made it more time efficient, but I miss all the crossing out and symbols of a manuscript which make it so unique. And I missed the physicality of a whole bundle of papers that follows you everywhere for a time.

The bit I'm writing about in this clip is when I received a studio visit from Jenni Lomax (who is now the director at Camden Arts Centre) for my Greater London Arts Award application. It's about how I didn't want to be marginalised, and how winning the award was my first real recognition by the mainstream.

And, for those who were wondering - further to my 'Fundraising' blog - I decided to go with the crowdfunding option to match the publisher's contribution for publication of my book. Will be launching my campaign on March 19 2013. A short, sharp campaign of 4 weeks. Wish me luck!

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