Thursday, 1 August 2013


So here is another picture from my studio. No, not paintings this time, or even works on paper, but bricks. Yes Bricks!

These wooden slabs of history have been with me for years and over that time have become part of my practice. They prop up my paintings when I lean them against the wall and are generally indispensable in all kinds of ways. My bricks carry the traces of many years, have travelled with me through three studios, and somehow manage to look utilitarian yet undeniably stylish. If only I could paint as effortlessly as that.

Funny how when we start looking around at our environment, how some things just jump out and demand attention. My studio bricks do that... There are just six of these beautiful objects in my studio and each have become limited editions in their own right. They are sturdy, indestructible and command attention. Their patina has developed over time, and each are unique. I am quite convinced that one day these will become a collector's item! I wonder if I can say the same about my paintings?

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