Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Beyond the Surface

Julie Umerle.Rewind V (red).
55 x 55 cm. Acrylic on unprimed canvas. 2016.
© the artist

"The boundaries of the canvas can either be met, or withdrawn from in order to use the space within the substrate. Briony Fer has drawn attention to this choice in the paintings of Malevich and of Mondrian. While Malevich avoided the edge of the canvas, choosing instead to float abstract forms in the middle of the pictorial area, Mondrian embraced it. Malevich’s approach is evident in the paintings of Julie Umerle, whose often open-ended series explore repetition and difference within each group. The Rewind paintings, each tightly positioned within the confines of a square canvas, are a concretion of angles and arcs defined within a simple figure/ground relationship. Exploring geometric and biomorphic forms, these paintings are monochrome, minimalist and hard-edged."

© Piers Veness 2018. Excerpt from catalogue essay for 'Beyond the Surface'.
Installation view. Photo courtesy Square Art Projects

Installation view. Photo courtesy Square Art Projects

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