Monday, 31 October 2011

Art, Life and Everything

Still working on my manuscript 'Art, Life and Everything'. I first started writing my book eighteen months ago. At the moment, I am trying to tighten up and pare down the writing, and expand on some of the issues. Much like my painting process actually - it's a process of revision.

I have also been selecting images for the book - forty photographs at the last count! Whether my book will ever see the light of day is another matter. I am hopeful that it will.

The next step is to find an agent who will approach publishers on my behalf. I've had good feedback from a couple of agents so far, and ideas how to improve it, though securing a contract is still elusive.

Getting the book published seems a long way down the road right now, though I had hoped to have it published by the end of 2012. This project is so much outside my field as a visual artist, but I have been encouraged by friends and colleagues to continue, and I won't give up just yet!

Slowly, slowly...

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