Saturday, 1 August 2020


7 Artworks From Artnet’s Gallery Network That Our Experts Are Loving This Week.

Pleased to have my painting, Split Infinity, selected for this feature in Artnet this week. So exciting to have one of my paintings selected. Thank you Artnet!

Split Infinity is geometric and hard-edged, but also contains free-flowing areas where rivulets of paint cascade down the surface of the painting. The canvas is a divided field of blue and green, using soft similar tones as a ground for geometric shapes.
–Yi Zhang

Split Infinity
copyright: Julie Umerle

Monday, 29 June 2020

Foreword for 'Art, Life and Everything' by Colin Thubron

This is the foreword written by Colin Thubron for my book 'Art, Life and Everything: A memoir' which was published in September 2019.

'Art, Life and Everything' is available to purchase online through a number of selected bookshops including, Waterstones and Foyles. Priced at £11.99 (paperback).

ISBN-13: 9781527242166



I have known Julie Umerle since she was a child, and have always been impressed by her courage, determination and dedication to her chosen world of visual art.


Her writing, therefore, came as a surprise. The initial draft of her autobiography was a tentative and sketchy first attempt at this difficult form. But she has expanded and deepened this into a thoughtful and arresting narrative, notable for its lucid naturalness, for its stylistic economy and for an unflinching response not only to the physical and psychological problems of disability (which she characteristically minimises), but, most tellingly, to the art world: an honesty which may in part result from the long challenge of her childhood.


There is no trace of self-pity or self-delusion here. The outcome is a forceful and fluent narrative, in which the hopes and dilemmas of the aspiring artist’s life will be absolutely recognisable to anyone who has undergone them. When her story achieves touching effect, it does so through the mediation of a steadily honest mind, with no hint of pretension. 

Colin Thubron CBE Travel writer and novelist

'Art Life and Everything: A memoir'
Julie Umerle

Thursday, 28 May 2020


Check out fifteen of my paintings on, available to purchase online through Artnet.

Octagon (red) 2018
Acrylic on canvas
45 x 45 cm
Copyright: Julie Umerle

Octagon (red) is part of a series of small scale paintings by Julie Umerle of abstract solid shapes. These are strong works, confident and self assured. The artist isolates a geometric form within the confines of the space, tightly positioned within the square of the canvas. The paintings are minimalist and hard-edged, using bold colour to maximum effect. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Hampshire Art Show

I am pleased to be participating in the forthcoming Hampshire Art Show in Andover,  Hampshire, an exhibition that had been put on hold due to the covid pandemic. 

The exhibition opens on Friday 29 May and continues online until 16 June when it opens to the public and remains open until 10 July. Viewings available by appointment. Artworks also available to purchase online.

Nadia Waterfield Fine Art
The Old Grain Store
Westover Farm
SP11 7LF


I will be showing four small paintings from the Unwrapped Polygon series (see one of the paintings below).

Copyright: Julie Umerle
For further details, please have a look at the news section on my website:

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Review of 'Art, Life and Everything'

Art, Life and Everything

Julie Umerle's long awaited memoir follows a lifetime of art, life and just about everything. Julie has successfully overridden gender disadvantages since birth, and Transverse Myelitis from an early age. Born in Connecticut to a Polish-American father and a mother from the East End of London, she moved to Walthamstow in England with her mother at the age of five, whilst her father remained in Connecticut.

Julie was a residential student at Chailey Heritage, Sussex. She went on to study French Literature at the University of Sussex, and art at the respected Falmouth Art College in Cornwall, then to New York for her subsequent Masters at Parsons School of Design.

Julie's forte wasn't however the landscapes and impressionistic British school, nor the New York School, but typically following her own path in art. She uses both strong and subtle colour and line, whilst some of her recent paintings are more organic (as raindrops or microscopic organisms). Her book contains not enough examples of her artwork (her memoir ends in 2010), but the 38 colour plates that accompany her story describe her thinking in visual form.

This is a memoir that succeeds in allowing us to see the artist through her personal stories that are intriguing and interesting in themselves: her life, her art, and everything she puts into these public works. Highly recommended as appealing to artists, biographists, and story tellers for posterity. And this reader at least, would look forward to a book of more of Umerle's artwork.

Malcolm Stow
May 2020 

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Art on a Postcard Auction for International Women's Day 2020

Copyright: Julie Umerle 

Copyright: Julie Umerle

I have donated the above two original artworks to Art on a Postcard's charity postcard auction, curated by Beth Greenacre, that includes work by a number of celebrated female artists, including the Guerilla Girls, Harmony Hammond, Caroline Coon and Sarah Morris for International Women's Day 2020. Proceeds will be donated to The Hepatis C Trust to help them in their campaign to eliminate hepatitis C in the UK by 2025.

A list of outstanding women in the arts has been carefully chosen from those whose work has transformed stereotypes and made a significant impact on society and culture.   

There will be an online auction at from 27 February - 11 March. Bidding starts at £50.
The works can be viewed at The Allbright Mayfair, 24 - 26 Maddox Street, London W1S 1PP on 2nd March 2020.

Contributing artists:

Aimée Parrott  .  Alison Lambert . Amanda Houchen . Amanda Watt . Anita Klein . Anja Carr . Anna Glantz . Anna Ostoya . Anna Bjerger . Anne Desmet RA . Anne Rothenstein . Anne Tallentire . Annie Mackinnon . Audrey Anastasi . Becca May Collins . Becky Kolsrud . Beth Carter . Bianca Barandun . Bodil Jane . Brie Ruais . Carla Borel . Carla Busuttil . Carol Hodder . Caroline Coon . Catherine Opie . Cathy Lewis . Ceal Warnants . Cecilia Biagini . Charlotte Keates . Claire Partington . Claudette Schreuders . Colleen Heslin . Daisy Cook . Daphne Minkoff . Denise Zygadlo . Donna McLean . Eleonora Dorrego . Ellen Gronemeyer . Emilie Pugh . Emily Patrick . Erin Armstrong . Eva Schlegel . Fipsi Seilern . Fleur Deakin . Genieve Figgis . Gill Button . Gill Rocca . Grace O'Connor . Guerilla Girls . Hannah Bays . Harmony Hammond . Harriet Hill . Hein Koh . Helen G Blake . Helen Ballardie . Helen Johnson . Helen Tabor . Helena  Goldwater . Hersilia Alvarez . Holly  Frean . Ilona Szalay . Isabel Nolan . Janet Archer . Jennifer Anderson . Jenny Scobel . Jessica Campbell . Jessica Jane Charlton . Jessica Webster . Jo Hamilton . Joanna Whittle . Judy Clark . Julia Farrer . Julie Umerle . Juliette Losq . Justine Smith . Kate Shepherd . Kate Sherman . Kate Walters . Katherine Bernhardt . Katie Commodore . Katie Sollohub . Katja daVAR . Keren Cytter . Kikka Nyre'n . Kirsty Whiten . Lara Davies . Laura Collins . Laura Pannack . Liberty Blake . Lisa Golightly . Louise McClarry . Lucia Laguna . Lucy Bull . Ludovica Gioscia . Lydia Okumura . Mali Morris RA . Marion Archer . Martha Parsey . Martha Posner . Martine Poppe . Mary Herbert . Medina Dugger . Megan Baker . Megan Rooney . Melissa Hartley . Mia Cavaliero . Michele Ciacciofera . Mie Olise Kjærgaard . Milena Dragicevic . Moyna Flannigan . Naomi Frears . Nettie Wakefield . Nici Bungey . Peggy Cozzi . Penny Slinger . Pippa Young . Pippa Blake . Pippa Gatty . Plum Cloutman . Polly Nor . Rachel Deacon . Rachel E. Williams . Rachel Ross . Ranu Mukherjee . Rebecca Campbell . Rebecca Johnson . Rebecca Swainston . Rebecca Louise Law . Renate Bertlman . Rhiannon Salisbury . Roxy Walsh . Saba Khan . Sarah Morris . Silvia Giambrone . Siona Benjamin . Sol Calero . Sue Williamson . Sue Arrowsmith . Susanne du Toit . Suzanne Moxhay . Tau Lewis . Tiffanie Delune . Tiona Nekkia McClodden . Vanessa Jackson RA . Vanessa Mitter . Victoria Wulff . Vikky Alexander . Virginia Verran . Yasmine Diaz . Yulia Iosilzon . Zimbiri 

Monday, 30 September 2019

Julie Umerle: Art, Life and Everything

'Art, Life and Everything' by Julie Umerle 

'Art, Life and Everything: A memoir' by Julie Umerle is OUT NOW as a limited edition paperback.

ISBN: 9781527242166

"A thoroughly enjoyable read. Art, Life and Everything shows the importance and joy of painting and making art." Robin Klassnik OBE, Founder and Director of Matt's Gallery London.

"A terrific autobiography by a remarkable artist and individual." Rebecca Swift, The Literary Consultancy, London.

"An extraordinary account: moving, frank, elegantly written, inspirational and interesting. Wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the art world." Tom Avery, Penguin Random House.

Available from, Waterstones, Foyles and selected London bookshops.