Monday, 8 April 2013

Let's go...

Please pledge to help fund the publication of my autobiography: 'Art, Life and Everything':

The Kickstarter campaign is now well and truly up and running. To date we have 5% of the backers we need in order to reach our target and get 'Art, Life and Everything' published. The project closes on 17th April so there is still time to be part of this crowd-funding campaign. But we really need to make up ground over the coming week. Thanks to all my backers so far! And if you don't already know about the project, please visit the Kickstarter page to find out!

Please help in anyway you can to spread the word. Please re-post the link, talk about the project to your friends, "like" it on FB, post it on Twitter, or send an e-mail out to your contacts... Whatever you can do to publicize the project will be wonderful and very much appreciated.

Stay tuned, and let's make this project a reality!

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