Thursday, 17 April 2014

Madison Museum of Fine Art

Recently I shipped a painting out to Atlanta, Georgia for a show that will be held there this summer at Madison Museum of Fine Art. Very excited. I haven't exhibited in the States since 2010, when I was part of Parsons School of Design's Alumni show in Miami.

The worst part of exhibiting abroad is arranging the packing and shipping of the work. My paintings usually get stuck in customs once they reach foreign shores. I am tracking them furiously by computer all the way along their journey, and often end up in a protracted conversation with customs officers about the commercial value of the work. Such a relief when they do eventually reach their destination, and in good condition. It was wonderful to have confirmation from the curator: "Yes, your painting did arrive! It was transported to the museum today. It is lovely and we are delighted to receive it."

This is the painting selected that is now in Georgia, having travelled across the Atlantic Ocean from East London to reach a new audience in the States:

'Paynes Grey', Acrylic on linen
© Julie Umerle

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