Monday, 2 August 2010

The Value of Distance

I was getting some paintings out of storage last week to show a client. Had not been in the studio for two months as I'm working on another project at home.

Could not believe how much easier it was to see things clearly after just a little time away. It was certainly a learning curve for me. I was able to see the trajectory of my work through just a few key paintings. I looked through maybe twenty paintings in the space of ten minutes and immediately picked up things about the work which would take me months of anxious scrutiny if I were looking at the paintings on a daily basis. Being an artist is often about the process of looking. Looking carefully and looking often.

Over the last few weeks, I have been planning what to do when I get back to my studio at the end of the summer. Before I left at the beginning of June, I even made a list of colours and calculated the sizes of canvas I would need to make those paintings.

But now - change of plan. The time to make those paintings has passed. My ideas have changed in the short space of time I've been away, and something new will most definitely come from that.

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Clare said...

Yes, distance can certainly add perspective to one's often blinkered view - I can consider something in the short view, but often don't give time or breath to the longer view - so I find your observations interesting and useful. Thank you!