Friday, 12 August 2011


UNEARTHED is a new project by Neville Gabie, the Olympic Delivery Authority’s Artist in Residence on the Olympic Park.

UNEARTHED seeks to reveal the cultural history of the Carpenters Road artists' studios in the former Yardley’s perfume factory, which now rests underneath the Aquatics Centre. These studios were managed by Acme and home to 500 artists. From 1985 - 2001, Carpenters Road housed the largest artists' studio building in Europe, with 140 studios on site. Since then the area has been transformed into the London 2012 Olympic Park.

UNEARTHED will be presented as an archive at Warton House, 150 Stratford High Street, London E15, from 3 - 11 September 2011, 10am - 4pm daily. 68 artists who previously had studios at Carpenters Road will be contributing to the exhibition, curated by Neville Gabie and Galit Mana.

Using notebooks, memories, photographic records, film and video installations, sculpture and painting, the work documents the influence of this unique juncture in the history of the East End of London and celebrates the artistic contribution of Acme Studios' Carpenters Road site.


A collaboration between InSite Arts. Acme Studios, archaeologist James Dixon, and many of the artists, UNEARTHED is hosted by Ardmore Construction at Warton House, Yardley's former offices in Stratford High Street.

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