Monday, 26 November 2012

2012 paintings

At last I have had the photographer visit my studio to document some new paintings made this year - thanks to Peter Abrahams. Here are two 2012 paintings. Enjoy!

Next project is to update my website with new images ( and maybe even a brand new website design.

© Julie Umerle
© Julie Umerle


M Stow said...

Hi Julie, haven't been on the site for a while, I know. I like the new work, it has a certain eeriness about it, like a stopped moment in time. Uncertain, like you know the paint will continue to run, and downwards, but it may not, it may run upwards, in reverse, or defy gravity. You never know! You could put a sample of your biog. on the site to get some combined interest going?

Julie Umerle said...


Thanks for taking another look at my blog and for your comment about my recent work. Hope you'll be back!