Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Arts Council England Award

Early this year I received an award from Arts Council England for a period of research and development in my practice. This is an update on my project.

Over the last few months, I have focused upon exploring two issues: mark-making and scale. Below are four of the images from my 'Rewind' series of paintings that have resulted from this investigation. These paintings are each 55 x 55cm. Acrylic on unprimed canvas.

Having now completed a further series of new paintings, I am currently working on a triptych of acrylic on polyester. Everything is going to plan with my project and I look forward to sharing it with you at an exhibition space when it is complete. I look forward to having your feedback.

 Rewind (red), 2015
© Julie Umerle
Rewind II (red), 2015
© Julie Umerle
Rewind III (red), 2015
© Julie Umerle
Rewind IV (red), 2015
© Julie Umerle

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