Thursday, 20 July 2017

'Strange Attractor'

Excerpt from my memoir:
'Strange Attractor'. Oil/acrylic on canvas. 60 x 72 in.
© Julie Umerle
"In the 'Strange Attractor' paintings I had been working on up that point, the trail of the brush mark would almost disappear among accumulated layers of paint.

Yet when I hung one of my unfinished paintings at the end of the studio and looked at it from a distance, I saw something that looked rather like a horizon at the top of the canvas where I had pulled the brush. So I decided to keep that mark in the painting rather than allowing it to be lost in subsequent layers. This completely changed the space in the work.

The first paintings I made in my new studio, entitled 'Falling Slowly', explored that idea. I also changed my medium and began to use acrylic paint on its own rather than the mix of oil and acrylic that I had been using in recent years. By changing the materials I worked with, I found that the surface also changed."

Excerpt from 'Art, Life and Everything', (unpublished memoir) by Julie Umerle, edited by Anna McNay.

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Copyright © Julie Umerle

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