Monday, 14 August 2017

Artist in Residence at London Marriott, Canary Wharf

The Marriott, Canary Wharf

Julie Umerle announced as Artist in Residence at the prestigious 5-star London Marriott in Canary Wharf

From 3rd October 2017 to 3rd October 2018, the 5-star Marriott in the heart of London's financial district of Canary Wharf is hosting an exhibition of extraordinary paintings by award winning painter Julie Umerle.

Julie is one of London’s most outstanding contemporary abstract artists known for her innovative use of colour and space and her experimental approach to materials and process.

The Marriott’s innovative artist-in-residence programme facilitates encounters with exciting contemporary art. As Bertrand Dijoux, the Marriott’s manager observed: “The gallery space adds yet another dimension to our hotels' offerings. In addition to infusing every gathering with an element of glamour, it brings a little bit of London's iconic culture within our walls for a truly original experience.”

Umerle will be resident artist for a year and during that time she will exhibit a series of paintings throughout the gallery and upper floors which will enhance the experience of guests and visitors alike. In this collection of work, colour and space are used to dramatic effect. Umerle commented: “I am delighted to be chosen by the London Marriott as artist-in-residence. I look forward to collaborating with them on this exciting project and reaching a new audience with my work.”

London Marriott Canary Wharf
22 Hertsmere Road
Canary Wharf
London E14 4ED

For further information, contact Bertrand Dijoux, General Manager:

E:, Tel: +44 (0) 207 093 1000


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