Saturday, 16 March 2019

A View From the Easel - Hyperallergic

I am pleased to have my studio featured in 'A View from the Easel' as part of  Hyperallergic's weekly series of artist studio shots. Hyperallergic is a Brooklyn-based arts magazine - "a forum for serious, playful, and radical thinking about art in the world today".

Studio photo by Peter Abrahams
My studio is a converted fire house in East London, in an industrial part of the city near to the former Olympic Site. It is a large, square space (around 550 square feet). The light in my studio is a constant source of inspiration. There is a skylight in the roof as well as a wall of windows. For an abstract artist, this is a very clean, clear space to work in and the best studio I have ever had.
I’ve painted the concrete floors with gray industrial paint; the walls — made of breeze blocks, bricks and concrete — have been painted white. I have constructed a large store in one corner of the studio where I can keep my paintings, and I have a plan chest to store my works on paper, so I try to keep the wall areas clear for me to paint on. I don’t use an easel but pin canvases to the wall directly and often work on more than one piece at the same time. I have a large table to work on in the middle of the studio. My work has become increasingly minimal since I moved into this studio some 15 years ago.

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